Cosplay from Emerald City Comic Con 2013. The first four are my friends and I. I had a hard time taking photos, these are the only ones I did take photos of, because everyone was in a costume. It was actually really exciting to see everyone in a costume because for the most of them wouldn’t win best in show in a costume contest, but you could see the amount of love and work that went into them which made me happy.

I was Rogue in the top picture. When I was with the group everyone could tell who I was, but kept giving me this look like I didn’t really try. Little do they know that for the amount of time spent on it, it was a shit ton of work, a lot of money, and this is only the second piece of clothing I’ve ever sewn (much better than the first). Because I had sewing machine issues in the middle of all this which ended up giving me only a week to work on it, I decided to simplify it and base it off of the art released for the new Brian Wood X-Men coming out shortly. I kept wanting to tell people, you’ll get it in a few months. Unfortunately, I wore it to Brian Wood’s Star Wars signing and he said, “So who are you supposed to me?” After picking up the pieces of my shattered ego, I changed out of it after that and will likely never wear it again. Since I have lots of white and green fabric left though, I plan on doing the original Rogue costume I wanted to do with more time. And actually having a wig that works.